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Notes from the GSA meeting on 1/29/2015

Important notes on the GSA meeting:

Graduate Student Association meeting, Thursday, 1/29/2015


GSA election coming up!

Nominations for 2015-16 executive board currently being accepted. Election will be held in April. The four open positions are President, Vice President (VP) of Public Relations, VP of Finance, and VP of Programming. E-mail

Interested in being a senator for the LIS Dept.?

LISSA is looking for student senators. In order for LIS students to be eligible for travel & research funding available through the GSA, the LIS department must have two designated GSA senators. Any enrolled LIS student can serve as a senator. At least one senator attends every GSA meeting, held monthly on campus. E-mail


Finance Workshop. Wed., 2/18, 3:00pm, Bryan 205. Learn how to apply for funding to help with your research or conference travel needs. With Melle Elmes, VP of Finance.

Research Methodology Workshop. Mon., 3/2, 4:30pm, EUC Claxton Room. UNCG faculty will present a GSA-sponsored workshop titled “Beyond ANOVA and Focus Groups: Other Methodological Approaches to Research.”

Graduate School Networking Social. Thurs., 3/26, 5:00-6:30pm, EUC Kirkland Room. Come out and meet fellow grad students! Open to grad students from all departments.


U. of North Carolina President’s Ouster Comes Amid Political Shift. The Chronicle of Higher Education, 1/16/2015.

Important news about UNC System President Tom Ross’s forced resignation. Mr. Ross has served as UNC president for 5 years. The system’s president is chosen by the 32-member UNC Board of Governors (BoG), which itself is appointed by the NC General Assembly. The BoG has not stated a reason for their decision. Critics declaim BoG’s lack of transparency and apparently arbitrary exercise of power. The big debate is whether, in a newly Republican-dominated state legislature, this decision was politically motivated. Ross is associated with the Democratic party. This is one story amid larger critical concerns about the downward trend of state political support for higher education in NC.

More on the story from the Daily Tar Heel, UNC-CH’s student newspaper:

·         Ross accepts resignation but “doesn’t want to leave.”

·         Letter: A statement on Ross removal by the BOG. From “UNC School of Law on behalf of the Concerned Faculty and Friends of UNC.”

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LISSA Capstone Session


You’re invited to our Capstone Session!

We will be discussing the Capstone course requirement that every LIS student must complete before they graduate at UNCG. This session will feature former UNCG LIS students who have completed the capstone. This session will allow you to learn more about the course and ask questions to students who have insight and advice!

You can also participate in this session online

Have a question you want to ask our alumni panel? Fill out your question in this google form

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LISSA Social

Hi Everyone!

You’re invited to join us for our first LISSA social of the new semester

Come hang out with us at Hops Burger Bar in Greensboro on Friday, February 6th from 4pm to 6pm

Email us at if you have any questions!

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Updates from the Graduate Student Association

News from the Graduate Student Association meeting, Thurs., 11/20/2014

Major news items on Tuition & Fees, which are made on a 2-year plan by UNCG administration. Plans for 2015-17 have just been approved. They will be sent on to the UNC system’s Board of Directors for final review and approval.

See current Tuition & Fees schedule (Spring 2015) here:


Student Fees Committee notice:

–         For 2015-16, a 3.5% increase over 2014-15 rates has been approved.

–         For 2016-17, a further 8% increase over 2015-16 rates has been approved. Two committee members, representing the GSA and the Chancellor respectively, dissented on this item, voting for a 5% increase.

–         The GSA reports that the largest of the 7 fees areas (described here, to increase will be the Facilities/Debt Service (FDS) Fees. Facts about FDS Fees:

o   What are FDS Fees?: ‘Pays for debt incurred on “capital projects” which cannot be built using state funds – for example: soccer stadium, student recreation center, baseball stadium, EUC renovation, student health center expansion/renovation.’ (

o   Examples of recent ‘capital projects’ are listed on page 10 (ten) of the UNCG Business Affairs Annual Report, 2012-13, viewable here:

o   Current 2014-15 rate for FDS Fees are $707 per academic year (for an undergraduate enrolled for 12 credit hours). This is higher than any other UNC school’s FDS Fees (see comparison chart,


Tuition notice:

–         For 2015-16, a 5% increase over 2014-15 rates has been approved.

–         For 2016-17, a further 5% increase over 2015-16 rates has been approved.

–         GSA is concerned about faculty salaries and the possibly unethical process by which faculty raises are sought and earned. Graduate students deserve the best teachers and the best teachers deserve a fair raise request process. GSA reports that faculty, in order to obtain a pay raise, must first apply for another teaching position at another university, obtain a salary quote for that position, then present that quote to UNCG administration, which then considers matching a higher salary quote. This encourages UNCG faculty members to apply for jobs which they have no intention of taking, if offered. Furthermore, the job application process is time-consuming, diverting from normal faculty duties, like teaching. GSA is concerned about the dishonesty and diversion of faculty’s attention this procedure promotes. No resolution has been reached by GSA on whether or how to address the issue.


Graduate Research & Creativity Expo, 2015:

–         April 19, 2015, 1:00-4:00pm, in EUC Cone Ballroom

–         For more info, see

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Academic Libraries: Present and Future (College and University Section of NCLA Conference)

Hi LISSA members!

Check out this College and University Section of NCLA conference! They are looking for proposals and the deadline is October 18th. Also, consider going to this conference if you are interested in Academic libraries.

“The College and University Section (CUS) of the North Carolina Library Association (NCLA) invites you to present at the 2014  CUS one-day conference, “Academic Libraries: Present and Future,” which will be held on Friday, December 5, 2014  at the UNC-Charlotte City Center Campus. NC.

Submissions for presentations addressing any of the following themes are encouraged:

-The professional marketplace

-The virtual library

-The physical library

We need your experience and knowledge to make this conference a success! This is a great opportunity to showcase a special project accomplished at your institution or to share an innovative idea with your colleagues.

Proposal Deadline: October 18, 2014

To submit your proposal, go to:

More information on the conference can be found at:

We look forward to receiving your proposal.

Best Regards,

The CUS Conference Planning Committee”

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Margaret Maron Presents: Women of Mystery

uncg flyer


Hi LISSA members, check out this UNCG event!

Author Margaret Maron to Inaugurate New Series at UNCG About Women of Mystery

Who: Margaret Maron Presents Women of Mystery (with Nancy Pickard)
When: Wednesday, October 29, 7 pm
Where: Virginia Dare Room, Alumni House, UNCG
Free and open to the public

For more information, see

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Graduate Student Association Announcements

Hi All!

A couple more announcements from GSA:

I.      Research/travel funding for grad students!

       – GSA offers three different ways to fund your research or reimburse conference-related travel costs. Students MUST apply first. Read more here:

      – Two $1,000 Research Travel Grants are available, one per student per funding window.

      – A number of Professional Development Fund (PDF) awards are available for students who are presenting at and/or traveling to conferences. Awards of up to $400 per student per funding window are given out.

      – A number of Thesis/Dissertation Fund awards are available as well.

II.      StudentBlue Health Insurance:

       – All graduate students are automatically enrolled in a BCBS StudentBlue health insurance plan each semester.

       – Students must either ACTIVATE or WAIVE the StudentBlue plan each semester. This can be done online at

       – The StudentBlue plan is $802.00 per academic year, added to your student account. This covers all procedures, visits, and pharmaceuticals available at the Gove Student Health Center on campus. It does not cover visits to off-campus doctors or pharmacies.

      – September 10, 2014 is the deadline for submitting a StudentBlue health insurance plan waiver. You can submit a waiver if you already have health insurance through a relative, employer, ACA insurance provider, or other means.

      – There is no deadline for activating your StudentBlue plan. However, delaying activation will affect how you are charged for services at the Gove Student Health Center. Activate online at

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Graduate Research Council Announcements


Just passing along the following announcements from the GRC:

TRC Makerspace Preview Party!

What it is: See the official unveiling of the School of Ed’s new makerspace. Including a 3D printer! Several SOE faculty have received US DOE grants this year and will be using the makerspace to pursue research interests.

Day: Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014


Location: Teaching Resources Center, 3rd floor of School of Education Bldg

More info


Upcoming SOE Symposium.

What it is: 2014 School of Education Research Symposium: Using Makerspaces to Improve Learning

Day: Friday, Nov. 14, 2014


Location: School of Education Bldg

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Kylie Peppler, Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences, Indiana University-Bloomington.

More info


SOE Student Research Fair & Mixer.

SOE administration is in the planning stages of this event. We want—we need—your help!

What it is: The event would give students from all 6 SOE departments (including LIS) the chance to mix and meet. The idea is to build community within the School of Ed and also to promote cross-departmental student research collaborations. Perhaps you will connect with, or co-create a research project with a fellow SOE student! Research looks great on a resume and can count for course credit. An awesome opportunity. If you are currently doing or contemplating research, or just interested in meeting other SOE students, let us know your interest by e-mailing LISSA ( We want to gauge student interest. Include the following in your e-mail to LISSA (only Name, E-mail, and Dept. are required). We will send you more details.

Student/researcher name:


Research topic/interest area:


E-mail address:


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