An important facet of library school is to engage in collaborative learning, so each one of the LISSA officers is willing to share information with you or help you out in any possible way. Graduate School can make learning a pretty remote, isolating process, especially in comparison to undergraduate life with clubs and student organizations constantly surrounding you, but LISSA strives to be a presence/resource that fosters student interaction, scholarship, and friendship.

President – Sara Maeve Whisnant

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Sara Maeve Whisnant is a second year MLIS student specializing in Academic Libraries. She is an alumna of UNCG’s English Department (2014) and works in Special Collections and University Archives as well as Reference, Outreach, and Instruction at UNCG. Sara Maeve has a wide range of interests (like most librarians), especially cultural studies and instruction. She enjoys gaming, sewing, and consuming various types of media.

Vice President – Ethan Lindsey

Secretary – Chase Hanes

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My name is Chase Hanes and I’m interested in bringing feminism to all libraries. I live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and am focusing on special collections, academic libraries, and bibliotherapy. Like many library lovers, I received my BA in English Literature. While in undergrad at Chapel Hill, I minored in Art History and Creative Writing as well. Outside of the library world, my loves include oil painting, dogs, creative writing, reading (especially the Bronte sisters!), sculpture, Downton Abbey, and Women’s/Gender Studies…but I am all for dismantling the status quo and bringing all of these loves/interests into the library sphere as well!

Treasurer – Lillian Carden

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Lily is starting her second year as an MLIS student with a concentration in youth services.  She is also the Graduate Maker at the UNCG SELF Design Studio, where she works with education students to learn how to use various technologies in the classroom. After graduation, Lily hopes to work in youth services at either a public or school library. In her spare time she enjoys reading, playing Xbox, and snuggling with her cats.

Social Media & Website Officer – Lindsey Sprague

2015-2016 Officers

President – Sarah Prescott

Vice President – Matthew Kelly

Secretary – Amy Jordan

Treasurer – Rachel Koury

Social Media Manager & Blogger – Elizabeth Acevedo

First Year Representative – Sara Maeve Whisnant

Faculty Advisor – Dr. Fatih Oguz

2014-2015 Officers

President- Robert Manzo

Vice President- Ingrid Ann Johnston

Secretary- Laura Brown

Treasurer- Susan DeGuzman

Social Media Manager & Blogger- Hallie Fields

Faculty Advisor- Dr. Rebecca Morris

2013-2014 Officers

President- Katie O’Connor

Vice-President- Jake Ellis

Secretary- Chanda Green

Treasurer- Sophie Kranz

Social Media Manager- Ellen Stevens

Communications Manager- Robert Manzo

Faculty Advisor- Dr. Rebecca Morris

2012-2013 Officers

President – Heather Hans

Vice-President – Jewel Davis

Secretary – Amanda Wilkerson

Treasurer- Rebecca Driscoll

First Year Representative- Chanda Green

Faculty Advisor – Dr. Nora Bird

2011-2012 Officers

President – Lauren Wallis

Vice-President – Amy Archambault

Treasurer – Melissa Rich

Secretary – Karen Feeney

Events Coordinator – John Keels

Faculty Advisor – Dr. Nora Bird

2010-2011 Officers

President – Sarah Anderson

Vice-President – Amanda Goodman

Treasurer – Michelle Hoppen

Secretary – Stephanie Jobe

2009-2010 Officers:

President – Jennifer Whicker

Vice-President – Andrea Bottoms

Treasurer – Amber Hargett

Secretary – Emily Mann

2008-2009 Officers:

President – Kathryn Shields

Vice-President – Hannah Winkler

Treasurer – Keeley Murray

Secretary – Victoria Davis

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