Graduate Student Association Announcements

Hi All!

A couple more announcements from GSA:

I.      Research/travel funding for grad students!

       – GSA offers three different ways to fund your research or reimburse conference-related travel costs. Students MUST apply first. Read more here:

      – Two $1,000 Research Travel Grants are available, one per student per funding window.

      – A number of Professional Development Fund (PDF) awards are available for students who are presenting at and/or traveling to conferences. Awards of up to $400 per student per funding window are given out.

      – A number of Thesis/Dissertation Fund awards are available as well.

II.      StudentBlue Health Insurance:

       – All graduate students are automatically enrolled in a BCBS StudentBlue health insurance plan each semester.

       – Students must either ACTIVATE or WAIVE the StudentBlue plan each semester. This can be done online at

       – The StudentBlue plan is $802.00 per academic year, added to your student account. This covers all procedures, visits, and pharmaceuticals available at the Gove Student Health Center on campus. It does not cover visits to off-campus doctors or pharmacies.

      – September 10, 2014 is the deadline for submitting a StudentBlue health insurance plan waiver. You can submit a waiver if you already have health insurance through a relative, employer, ACA insurance provider, or other means.

      – There is no deadline for activating your StudentBlue plan. However, delaying activation will affect how you are charged for services at the Gove Student Health Center. Activate online at


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