Graduate Research Council Announcements


Just passing along the following announcements from the GRC:

TRC Makerspace Preview Party!

What it is: See the official unveiling of the School of Ed’s new makerspace. Including a 3D printer! Several SOE faculty have received US DOE grants this year and will be using the makerspace to pursue research interests.

Day: Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014


Location: Teaching Resources Center, 3rd floor of School of Education Bldg

More info


Upcoming SOE Symposium.

What it is: 2014 School of Education Research Symposium: Using Makerspaces to Improve Learning

Day: Friday, Nov. 14, 2014


Location: School of Education Bldg

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Kylie Peppler, Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences, Indiana University-Bloomington.

More info


SOE Student Research Fair & Mixer.

SOE administration is in the planning stages of this event. We want—we need—your help!

What it is: The event would give students from all 6 SOE departments (including LIS) the chance to mix and meet. The idea is to build community within the School of Ed and also to promote cross-departmental student research collaborations. Perhaps you will connect with, or co-create a research project with a fellow SOE student! Research looks great on a resume and can count for course credit. An awesome opportunity. If you are currently doing or contemplating research, or just interested in meeting other SOE students, let us know your interest by e-mailing LISSA ( We want to gauge student interest. Include the following in your e-mail to LISSA (only Name, E-mail, and Dept. are required). We will send you more details.

Student/researcher name:


Research topic/interest area:


E-mail address:


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