WorldCat gives you properly formatted citations, free!

Hi all,

Quick post here about a great feature of WorldCat you may not be aware of!

Have you ever looked up a library item in WorldCat and  wondered: “What’s an easy way for me to cite this item without my having to type out the citation letter by letter?” If there was a way–and there is, oh there is–surely it would save you time as well as the anxiety of wondering whether you’d gotten the citation format (APA, MLA, Chicago, or other) 100% correct.

Well, your questions, prayers, and anxieties can be set to rest. Because in any record of an item in WorldCat you click into, there is, just above the title at the top of the record, slightly off to the right, the “cite/export” hyperlink. Click that link and a small window pops up. In that window, there are two headings, two sections. Under the heading “Copy a citation,” you can make WorldCat generate a citation for the item in any of the major citation styles. You can then copy and paste the generated citation to MS Word. Alternately, if you’re a user of EndNote (a software installed on all Jackson Library computers), look under the heading “Export a citation,” where you have the option to “Export to EndNote/Reference Manager.” WorldCat will generate and save a citation of the item to any EndNote list you’ve created. Hurrah!

Of course, always double-check to make sure the citations generated by WorldCat follow the specific requirements of your professor or course. Problem solved! Breathe easy.


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