Recent Graduates Recap

On Wednesday, some of UNC-G’s most recent graduates spoke to us about their personal job searches and gave us some great tips for our own search.

In case you missed it, here a few highlights from each our guests.

Katie Whetzel– Assistant Manager at Jamestown Public Library

  1. The best people who can help you in your job search are the people you are working with in the library. They can serve as invaluable mentors, give you advice on finding the right job for you, and help you to prepare for the interview.
  2. Utilize the resources UNC-G has for its LIS students. There are several practicums and internships available to you. Having experience in a library or related organization goes a long way in getting you noticed.

Karen Feeney– Youth Services Librarian at Forsyth County Public Library

  1. Find the jobs that support the real skills you have now and make sure to think about all the prior non-library experience and skills that you have. Your prior experience can translate into skills that may be needed for a particular job. Don’t undersell what you have done before the LIS program.
  2. Make good impressions and connect with people during library functions. Networking is a powerful thing, and the library world is small. You never know who you may meet during the interview process. Karen was actually interviewed by someone who remembered her from a prior event.

Lauren Wallis– Reference & Instruction Librarian at the University of Montevallo in Alabama

  1. Don’t get too overwhelmed by the job search process. Set up a system that works for you and take it a little bit at a time.
  2. Research the library and librarians who are on the search committee. Take note of the interesting things you find out about the organization and the librarians. Use this information during the interview. Think about the things you are most passionate about and apply to the jobs that most excite you.

Tim Williams– Instruction & Reference Librarian at Peninsula College in Washington State

Tim was unable to attend the session live, so he sent us an awesome video about searching through job postings. Check it out here.

All of our speakers mentioned various resources they used to find jobs and to get help with cover letters and interviews. UNC-G’s LIS page has a huge list of resources available to us. If you go to the Job Placement page on the LIS site and click on the Job Search Links tab, you will find all of those resources.

Happy Hunting!


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