The Verdict is in!

First up in the series LIS Classes: Insights From Those in the Know is Jewel Davis.

LIS 600: Foundations of Library and Information Studies-Foundations with Dr. Hersberger is a lively class. She  knows how to keep a class entertained with stories, games and thought provoking discussions. This class presents a broad overview of the types of questions and issues you will ponder throughout your time in the LIS program. The biggest thing that I took away from the foundations class is that my journey had just begun and there was so much more for me to learn and ask questions about. Dr. Hersberger is a proponent of asking big questions to have you discuss and think about without giving you any answers. It’s a great class to start off the program with, and If you are lucky enough to have Dr. Hersberger, she may even share pictures of her travels with you!

Verdict: Fun and Useful

LIS 640 Organizing Library Collections (Cataloging)- The class you either hate to love or love to hate with no in between. I personally loved it. I go nuts when I can organize and classify things, so I felt well-suited for cataloging. Doing the assignments for Cataloging was like solving a very complex puzzle that sometimes had multiple solutions. If you are detail oriented and like organizing systems you are in for a quite a treat. The class is challenging, and there is a lot to absorb, but Dr. Shifflett is a great teacher who will supplement the sometimes maddening rules with some interesting stories about how they came about. One thing to note about cataloging is that it can be subjective, and one book may be organized in different ways based on the cataloger. This may frustrate some people, but it can’t be helped, so try to stay open to the fact that you are getting great practice in a much needed skill that will help you understand the organization of library materials.

Verdict: Challenging and Very Useful

LIS 635 Media Production- Prepare to discover tools and tricks you had no idea existed in the productivity tools you use everyday. Media production was my favorite class last semester. No matter what level of comfort you have with computers, Dr. Kealy will guide you through creating interactive pdfs, powerpoint kiosks, videos, websites, and more while teaching you the design principles behind production. With this class under your belt, you can potentially wow people with your design prowess and create fake photographs with Photoshop! If you are looking for a fun class to fulfill your technology requirement that focuses on a lot of different media products, then this class is for you. There also isn’t a lot of reading required, so pairing this with a text heavy class helps to balance out the weekly work.

Verdict: Fun and Interesting


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