Welcome Back!

Welcome back, everyone!  We have some exciting events planned for the spring semester.  Take a look:

Job-Hunting Workshop (Jan 28, 2-3:30, location TBA): It’s never too early to learn about the job search process!  We’ll have panelists from public, school, and academic libraries talk about the application and interview process for different types of library jobs.  Panelists will also be available for small-group discussion.  Later this week we will put up a forum where you can contribute questions for the panel, as well as your favorite online job-hunting resources.  This event will be a chance to talk about the job search process with librarians and your fellow students in a relaxed, informal environment.

Fundraising: We’re planning on raising money for a local high school library this semester.  This will be a great way to get involved with our community!  More information coming soon.

Committees: The Conference Planning Committee and the Social Media Committee are getting started on work for this semester.  It’s not too late to join them!  Email Lauren at lmwallis@uncg.edu to join the Conference Committee, and Karen at kefeeney@uncg.edu to join the Social Media Committee.

We’ll have more information about our upcoming meetings and tours coming soon!  Feel free to email any of the officers with questions or suggestions.   If you’re interested in joining LISSA, follow this link for directions.


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