LISSA needs your help!

The new officers have been hard at work the past couple weeks planning for the new school year, and we need your help!

Call for speakers/meeting ideas: This year we’re going to have speakers and training sessions at our monthly meetings.  So far we’re planning for meetings about volunteering, developing an online presence, attending conferences, and getting involved in professional organizations.  If you know a librarian who would be interested in speaking on one of these topics (or any others), please let us know!  We’re also open to students running meetings–you could do a training session on a special skill or practice a conference presentation on a topic of your choice.

Call for panel members: Our first meeting (9/15 at 4 pm) is on getting involved in volunteering at libraries in the community.  If you’ve volunteered at a library, please consider being a panel member.  We’ll talk about the experiences you had–the kind of work you did, challenges in a volunteer position, taking initiative, how to talk about volunteering on a CV, etc.

Call for posters: We’re also planning a workshop on attending conferences (TBA last week of September 4-5 pm).  This will include a practice poster session and a speaker on networking at conferences.  Several students are presenting posters at NCLA at the beginning of October, and we thought this would be a great way to practice (thanks, Liane Elias for the idea! :)).  Even if you’re not presenting at NCLA, it’s still good to practice mingling at a poster session and asking good questions.  Anyone who has a poster prepared on an LIS topic is welcome to present–the more, the merrier!

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, contact Lauren Wallis at  We’ll see you in the fall!


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