Charles Gobble, Jesse C. Carson High School

I’m Charles Gobble.  Most people call me Chip.  I am the Media Coordinator at Jesse C. Carson High School in China Grove, NC.  Carson High School has around 1200 students.  It is the newest high school in Rowan County.  We are in our fourth year of operation.  Carson was the first new high school in our county in 40 years.  Its opening was a big deal to the people of Rowan County.  Boundary lines and rivalries that had existed pretty much undisturbed for 40 years suddenly got shaken up.

I taught high school History and Social Studies for 14 years prior to moving to the school library.  My courses included World History, Civics, and AP European History.  I still enjoyed teaching, but 12 years of teaching AP Euro to sophomores took its toll.  There comes a time in your career when you just know it is time to do something different.  I did not want to leave education, but needed something different.  A friend, who was a School Media Coordinator, encouraged me to investigate getting my MLIS.  The more I looked into it, the more I was convinced that was what I wanted to do.  I enrolled in the MLIS program at UNCG (Charlotte cohort) in January 2002.  I transferred from my teaching position into a school media position in 2004.  I graduated with my MLIS in 2005.  I was given the opportunity move to the new high school in 2006.  Setting up a new school library was a real challenge, but it was very rewarding.

Through the course of a week as a high school Media Coordinator, I get the opportunity to wear many hats.  I, along with my highly valued assistant, see to the daily operation of the Media Center.  This includes scheduling and assisting with classes, collection maintenance, distribution and maintenance of A/V equipment, instruction and supervision of student Media Assistants, etc.  I team up with another teacher to supervise a team of seven students to produce a weekly 20-minute school news broadcast.  I see that a scrolling PowerPoint of the daily announcements is broadcast over the closed-circuit TV system.  As we do not have a full-time technology facilitator, I am the on-site person to diagnose and triage any technology issues that arise.  I assure you, it is never the same day twice.

If you have any questions regarding School Library Media, I will do my best to answer them.


2 thoughts on “Charles Gobble, Jesse C. Carson High School

  1. Hello, Mr. Gobble
    I had the pleasure of meeting you last Saturday. From your presentation, I realize you do wear a lot of hats. In particular, you appear to be the tech guru at the HS.
    Is there any additional technology training you recommend for current MLIS students?


    1. Unfortunately, I do not know of a course or class that teaches the skills you will need to troubleshoot all of the technology and equipment issues that you may face in a given day. Roughly 95% of that learning is on-the-job. I recommend that you ask a lot of questions of technology facilitators and technicians. Ask them what the problem is, what can be done about it, what could have prevented it, and what your role or responsibility is in the current situation or issue. Keep notes on issues or situations for future reference. Watch the A/V technicians when they come to repair equipment. Ask some of the same questions you ask the tech people. Even if they encourage you not to attempt repairs or fixes, you will be better able to describe the problem to them. This will save time if they know what tools and parts to bring with them. When troubleshooting, it helps if you can think in terms of flowcharts. It would be nice if there were a class on computer and equipment troubleshooting, but I wouldn’t look for it in the course catalog.

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