Job market & the New Members Roundtable

In the latest Job Talk column on the ALA website, Emily Love gives us some reasons why we might feel hopeful rather than hopeless about the library job market. She mentions possible retirements of older librarians (though the majority of these are not predicted to happen until 2015) and job mobility (librarians are eligible to work in the US, Mexico, and Canada through the NAFTA agreement). While Love admits that the economy is not in the best state, she wants to give new grads a look on the bright side. New librarians will have to work harder to find a job, but there are still jobs out there. American Libraries Online reports that the economic stimulus package will fund libraries, so perhaps the job market will improve with greater funding.

Love also mentions that LIS grads who are also members of the ALA New Members Roundtable are eligible for resume review services. The NMRT is a group that helps new ALA members become actively involved in the profession, and membership comes with lots of benefits like networking and the resume services mentioned above. It’s also important to get memberships like this on your resume to stay competitive for jobs!

Read the full Job Talk column here.
Check out the New Members Roundtable here.


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